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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 8, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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we want to wish everyone a happy hanukkah tonight. special report next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. we are learning tonight that as bad as last week's terrorist massacre in san bernardino, california was, it could have been much worse. after the bullets that killed 14, there were bombs targeting first responders, but they didn't go off. there was also breaking news about what law enforcement may have known about one of the shooters prior to the assault and how both prepared for battle. senior correspondent adam housely has breaking news on the story tonight. he's in redlands, california right now. adam? >> reporter: fox news has learned that law enforcement
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says it is very likely that three bombs left at that inland regional center may have been intended to go off as first responders responded to the scene. they said that's a very clear indication of what happened. generally it's a hallmark of overseas attacks, i'm told, with the intent to not only kill those first responders but to send a message to other first responders in other areas of the country that may have to respond to a similar scene at some point in the near future. they did not go off, of course, and there is still some question as to why not. some suggested because of the water sprinklers. others believed it may have been the failure to use the proper detonator. meantime, there were also reports that there was scanner traffic within an hour of the attacks very early on wednesday that indicated that law enforcement may have known farook. he may have been known to authorities as long as one week prior to the attack. the federal and local authorities have insisted that neither of the attackers had aroused suspicion before the assault, and the lapd so far has refused to comment on this
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revelation on a report from fox news contributor steven hayes. just days before the deadly rampage, at least one of the san bernardino killers prepared for the remission, spending time here, the riverside magnum shooting range. sort sources tell fox news that farook shot his own rifle and handgun. they also believed they were dry firing, or pulling the trigger of an unloaded game in the backyard of another san bernardino, california home. >> we do have evidence that both of these subjects participated in target practice in some ranges within the metro area or within the los angeles area. that target practice in one occasion was done within days of this event. >> this as we have our first look at the couple as they entered the united states in july 2014. he brought malik into the united
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states. there was evidence of preplanning and they both had been radicalized for some time. >> we're trying to find out how that happened, by whom and where did that happen. right now we don't have the answers at this point. >> reporter: investigators are working quickly to find any link to the middle east. >> we're trying to find out if anyone participated in the preplanning -- if there is anyone else. we don't know everything yet -- we want to find out everyone who profited from it, financed it. and i'm not saying there is anything like that, but we will leave no stone unturned. >> meanwhile, san bernardino county reopened its offices monday with armed guards and insufficient security measures. >> no act of terrorism anywhere will succumb, will invest fear, will provide any kind of an end
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to the hard work, to the dedication of every single san bernardino county employee. >> bret, while investigators continue to say muddy trails continue to be built overseas, they said do not forget about the investigation. it's vigorous and they expect an update soon. bret? isis is already trying to use the u.s. refugee program to smuggle terrorists into the u.s., so says the head of the house homeland security committee. chairman mike mccall says he has information that the infiltration attempts are already under way, and there have been 19 plots or attacks in the u.s. connected to isis. chief intelligence correspondent kathy harris has the chilling details. >> the coordinated terrorist attacks that killed 140 and injured more than 300 were lying in the house of operatives smug
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geld into europe as refugees. according to the security committee who gets regular qualified briefings. >> i can reveal today that the united states government has information tied to syria have already tried to gain access to our country through our -- mike mccall described the president's terrorism address to the nation as, quote, disappointing. >> there is no national strategy in combatting terrorism to fighters. >> an intelligence source confirmed to fox that isis is trying to infiltrate operatives into the refugee stream comes from an unclassified government report, though the white house played down the claims. >> i'm not able to confirm that peels of information. those individuals chose to enter
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the united states through the refugee program do so only after undergoing the most intensive screening of anybody who attempts to enter the united states. >> an assessment recommended by the obama white house concludes that isis will continue its global expansion in 2016 unless its base in syria . it took top advisers to develop new inventions. the administration still lacks focus. >> after so. it is viewed as a major change in strategy. after the obama administration scrapped a color-coded system and put on an advisory system that has never been removed.
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>> we need to remove some of the history about the global terrorist threat, and what we're doing about it and asking the public to do. >> a source close to the investigation told suspects that sayed farook had a lot of money in his pocket. investigators are. he withdrew $10,000 in cash. the sheriff of vertebbravar county, florida is the latest professional urging people just like you to carry a gun. wayne ivy has posted a video on facebook. >> the only guy who stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. this is the time to realize only you and you alone may be the first line of defense for you, your family and others around you in a terror-based scenario. >> sheriff ivy will talk more
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about his position on ""fox & friends." >> ultimately overseen by the president's good friend and former chief of staff mayor rahm emanuel. that was sparked by a white police officer, and today another plane is painstakingly laid out to another elective. officer george hernandez fired at 25-year-old ronald johnson as johnson was running away. >> it is our determination that no criminal charges should be filed against officer hernandez because a crime cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. >> prosecutors say johnson was armed. johnson's family claims the gun was planted after the officer had been shot.
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>> she said, that's a bald-faced lie. he had nothing in his hands. >> they made an investigation into the policies and practices in the chicago pd. set in motion by laquan mcdonald, the teen seen on dash cam, shot 17 times at a local police officer. >> we will gain other issue in. it's used with force and it's an accountability mechanism. >> all this was brought forth by mayor rahm emanuel. he even penned an op-ed. they demand emanuel's resignation and that of the state to not only work with the
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justice department. in both cases with the dash cam video releases, police in the initial reports claim that police lives were threatened, one by mcdonald, the other at the knife. in both says. they will not take up a challenge on a suburban ban, and that against semiautomatic weapons and large capacity magazines are legal. up next, donald trump calls for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the u.s. fox 25 in boston is the largest destroyer ever built for the u.s. navy and heads out to sea. bath iron works will create
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tests. it has a stealth design. the price tag? about $4.4 billion. president jimmy carter says he is cancer free. mr. carter has been undergl. the president told members of his yurch. >> the big story there tonight, relentless lanes left. some parts are still under water.
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in presidential politics now, breaking news from donald trump on immigration and
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muslims. carl cameron is here with a leading proposal on the leading contender. >> donald trump issued a statement saying he's now calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the u.s. until our country's representatives figure out what's going on. that's the quote. aides say it would apply to both immigrants and tourists alike. it comes after the president's big speech to the nation and new polls show ted cruz surging. with the nation's lead-off caucuses exactly eight weeks from today, iowa has a new frontrunner in ted cruz. with 24% in the new poll, cruz has surpassed donald trump at 19% followed by marco rubio at 17%. ben carson has plummeted 20 points to 13%. cruz climbing to second in the 20s and carson and rubio the
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only other ones with double digits. in south carolina cruz railed against the president's global address last night. >> we don't need a president that goes on national television and lectures the american people like a schoolmarm, that con did he -- condescends the american people. >> they're avoiding malls during the holiday season because they're scared. and people are scared not only because of these attacks but a growing sense that we have a president that is completely overwhelmed by them. >> what a sad speech that was last night by our president. it was no strategy, no leadership, vintage obama and politics as usual. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton, like the president, refuses to identify the enemy as radical islamist terrorism. >> there are radicals, people who believe all kinds of things in every religion in the world. i don't want to do that because, number one, it doesn't do justice to the vast numbers of muslims in our own country and
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around the world who are peaceful people. number two, it helps to create this clash of civilizations that is actually a recruiting tool. >> both parties are now pounding mr. trump for saying he would prevent muslims from entering the u.s. bush called trump unhinged. chris christie calls it outrageous. and trump today and before has also said he will also crack down on mosques in the u.s., profile muslims and investigate the families of suspended terrorists. bret? >> we'll talk to donald trump for the first reaction coming up after this show. president obama's messaging is changing. last night the president used several words and phrases he's been reluctant to employ: terrorism, radicalization, extremist. but many people are questioning whether some of the president's words about what he is doing to keep the country safe are actually true.
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kevin corke looks at that tonight from the white house. >> reporter: in his address to the nation, president obama laid out an evolving 4-front plan. step 1, continue to hunt down terrorists. >> in iraq and syria, airstrikes are taking out isil leaders. >> the president's claim is true. coalition airstrikes have targeted tankers, affecting isis' ability to sell oil on the black market. just today they confirmed that the head of isis in libya was killed in a massive airstrike. >> this is testament to the ongoing efforts of the administration, the department of defense, to apply significant pressure to extremist organizations around the world who are seeking to do harm in the united states. >> step two, train and equip army forces. >> we're equipping army forces
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that can complete those. >> ash carter did recently announce the deployment of a dozen special operators in iraq and syria to go against isis leaders and conduct a raid similar that's where she goes. isis-controlled areas still span the region from syria. there is no ground game said syria. andf the financing. the jury is still out on that one. there is still no evidence that it's paid off. step four. pursue ceasefires and a political resolution to the syrian war. >> it will force countries like
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russia to focus on the common goal of destroying isil. >> only partial credit. while the president has conducted lateral meetings with russia and turkey and secretary of state john kerry continues to push for an agreement, there is no guarantee that moscow, for example, will change its course and end support for the assad regime. we're expecting another syrian meeting in new york. he had a primary lunch, and it was described as being mostly social. still ahead, where do the repup can. first, would you trust the irs to
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this time of year is generally referred to as the season of giving. but there could be a lot less giving in future years if the irs gets its way on new disclosure rules that some experts say might keep you from donating to charity. senior political correspondent mikey m emanuel tells us what t t tax agency wants to know about you. >> the irs is proposing a new rule f c and colleges telling them to pick a charity investing $250 or more. they call that a bad idea. >> the irs is not demonstrating their capacity to hold this information from a critical point of view. >> non-profits don't have the resources to protect our private
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information. >> if hackers can get into the white house personnel system and the cia, imagine the field day they will have with every school, college, museum, charitable organization in america. >> it is also worth noting that many seeking to verify identity are suggesting consumers only give their final four digits for security reasons while the irs are asking for full numbers. keep if mind this proposal would keep no mandatory. and roscoe warns contributors may say it's too much. >> the idea of putting one more obstacle between you and a donor who is writing a generous check is something that i'm sure most charities would say, listen, we just don't need the hassle at
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this point. >> if you want to tell the federal government what you think of this proposed irs rule, go to and search irs. the deadline for is december 16. bret? we could be nearing another shutdown showdown between congress and the president over the budget. lawmakers have until friday midnight to finalize a $1.1 trillion spending bill. house speaker paul ryan says they might not make it. he says a short-term funding bill might be necessary. the white house . the dow lost 117, the s&p was down 15, the nasdaq dropped 40.
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a senior u.s. official tells fox news that iran has once again made a test of a nuclear missile. thi they said the test was a breach of two american resolutions. jennifer griffin has the latest from the pentagon. good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, bret. iran has carried out another median range ballistics missiles
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test. intelligence sources tell fox news the test was held november 21st near chavahar near the border with pakistan. the test was near a well-known test site in iran. the missile has a range of 1200 miles and is capable of carrying a warhead. this test drew strong criticism from the u.s. and france. president obama promised they would brief the sanctions committee at the time but said they would not derail the nuclear deal. u.n. security council resolution 1929 was passed in 2010 and.
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>> the security council is still deciding how to respond to the last test. vice president biden is calling on russia to abide by terms of the cease fire in ukraine and says the u.s. will never accept moscow's annexation of crimea. he made the announcement on a visit to kiev. he also announced $900 million. examining specificsf where candidates stand on a variety of issues. >> all of the top five republican candidates have pledged to dramatically remake foreign u.s. policy with a commitment to renew america's leadership in the world. >> we never win. we don't win with the military, we don't win with trade. >> the path to get there reveals some sharp differences in how the candidates would conduct
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foreign policy. . if i am elected president the very first day in office, i will rip to shreds. he said he would renegotiate it over time. ben carson said he would. jeb bush says he will carefully think it through. >> one thing i won't do as a candidate is say, i'm going to tear it up on the first day. . he has a huge military but hasn't committed to raising the budget. ban r r.
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and it doesn't mean we're involved in every conflict. we're only involved rubio is considered the biggest hawk toward a tilt every. pointing out bad outcomes in iraq and libya. bush and carson come down somewhere in the middle. when it comes to russia and vladimir putin, rubio is taking the most strident posture. trump said he had talks with him. trump slits again over the transpacific phone deals. while cruz changed his mind. people say, oh, you don't like chain. no, i love them.
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so there was a lot plaintiffs. trump has promised to get one f of. . he, while bush wants the relationship to, quote, evolve. all the candidates agree that first job as commander in chief is to keep the nation safe. by doing that, he would. >> you. cruz is the only one who has definitely actively said no to torture. >> the top five candidates. donald trump says israel may have to make sacrifices to
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achieve peace, a decision marco rubis, quote, dead wrong. bret? the late
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we have learned and believe that both subjects were radicalized and have been for quite some time. >> the united states government has information to indicate that individuals tied to terrorist groups in syria have already attempted toais to our country through the u.s. refugee program. >> it is our responsibility to reject religious tests on who we admit into this country. it's our responsibility to reject proposals that muslim
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americans should somehow be treated differently. >> what a sad speech that was last night by our president. it was no strategy, no leadership, vintage obama and politics as usual. >> there you get a flavor of the last day since the president's speech. as we look at the newest polls just out last night, cnnorc, the question of do you approve or disapprove of the way the president is handling isis, approved 33%, disapproved 64%. approve-disapprove in the way the president is handling terrorism. 38% approve, 60% disapprove. do you think the response to terrorism with isis has been? too aggressive 4%, not aggressive enough, 68%, about right, 26%. allowing syrian refugees into the u.s., in favor, 38%, oppose, 61%.
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you look at those numbers and they match previous numbers, but obviously they've gone the other way, against the administration. this is explaining in part why the president came out and had to give that speech. >> he came out, but he didn't move the needle for himself. i think what's happening is there is a sensibility gelling among the american president that the president, come hell or high water, is going to stick to his ideas about global unity and community and liberalism, multi-culturalism, national security be damned. whether it's security on the home front or strategy against isis, it's more important what the world this us and his overall left iist agenda than i is what's best for the american people. i think san bernardino changed the calculus dramatically, and i think those numbers are going to continue to crater on these. >> as we learn more about san bernardino and the radicalization they said today was happening for both of these shoor shooters for a long time and
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perhaps their additional connections, that's also not a good thing for the administration. >> this is a difficult problem for the administration. if these two people were radicalized for some time as we learned today, it was either a case where something was missed or they were being radicalized in a way that was able to evade authorities that would not have shown up on the radar of authorities in any of the ways we typically try to track these people. and i don't think there is anything in the president's speech last night that's going to give americans a lot of assurances that if there are a lot of people out there going through the same radicalization process that he has been able to show them that the u.s. government is going to be able to find them and stop them. >> what about the chairman of the house committee today, that the government has information that syrian refugees have already tried to come to the u.s. through the syrian refugee program? >> we know they have successfully tried to do it.
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in europe one of the terrorist attackers came through as a refugee from greece. we know it's a possibility. it's a little harder to get to the united states because you cannot take a raft across the atlantic ocean. but still, if you're in the camps and you get interviewed, and you get the kind of vetting that the woman shooter had in san bernardino, which is essentially none, you will get through. but i think the reason obama had to give that speech, and you really have to ask yourself what did he achieve, that he was told he had to show that he thinks this is a problem. his problem since the day he took office, he never wanted to fight the war on terror. he abolished the term. i think deep down he believes the war on terror was a gross overreach. he said that on his speeches when he went abroad in 2009. he talked about america overreacting. and in a sense that we have provoked this. he says, if you talk about the muslims in a bad way, that recruits for isis. guantanamo is a recruiter for
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isis. when the fact is that the cruelty and the savagery is a recruit for isis. but he looks at that in what we do and he thinks, therefore, the cure is to do as little as possible. it's an insane strategic view of the world, but he actually holds it. and i think that's why the american people are so scared. he's our leader and he believes that? >> turning now to 2016, we saw those numbers about opposing syrian refugees, 61% to 38%. danld tru donald trump out this afternoon with a proposal, calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on. quote, until we're able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people who believe only in jihad and have no sense
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of reason or respect for human life. john kasich, this is just more of the outrageous divisiveness that characterizes his every breath, another reason he is entirely unsuited to lead the united states. chris christie, this is the kind of thing people say when they have no experience and don't know what they're talking about. we don't need to endorse that type of activity, nor should we. laura, that's just the republicans. >> i think rand paul had the best formulation. he said we should take a pause from middle eastern countries where we know that is. i think i don't think any of tho those gun sales are going through the roof. it's like a .9-millimeter in every stocking, but yes, i think
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people are worried. i think in the epd, he's going to have to change. we can't stop a muslim from toronto who is a surgeon comie into the country if he otherwise would meet the requirements, and that's what his statement would do. >> the polls came out in iowa. one of the polls came out this morning showing ted cruz at the top of the iowa polls at 24%. there you see the rest, donald trump in second. late in the afternoon, cnn and i had another lead pole. but obviously, you look at the numbers in these internals, and people are concerned. but it also seems to give the white house, the democrats a target for an entire newcycle, it seems. >> it does. and even if you're going to have jeb bush, kasich, christy,
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you're going to see the white house and the clinton campaign try to paint republicans at large as being, if not as far out on trump as. it does hand them a talking point that they think will be successful. t the. but he's going to be isolated when it comes to voters. >> the people in the crowd sheemd seemed. >> i could see donald trump going to andrews air force base to greet the king and is. it a bomb-throwing. he'll get all the attention for the new cycle. this is how.
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. he i think the fact that he's now in wut poone of the polls r behind cruz shows you can be really tough but not nuts. we've really advanced in this campaign, and i think cruz is presenting himself as the alternative to trump. that is not outrageous. >> you bet -- >> i don't think it hurts trump at all. it doesn't help bush, it doesn't help christie. . . people thij washington is nuts. thaet what i think. trump didn't phrase this right
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and he will in about 20 minutes or so sfr. will there be calls for the
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i think an additional layer prior to the completion of this in my view would be misguided hitting the restart button on a whole new investigation does not get you to the conclusion in an expedited fashion. >> i welcome the engagement of the justice department. we have a long road ahead of us as a city. and i welcome people from many views to help us. >> we will examine a number
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of issues to the chicago police department's use of force including use of deadly force, racial, ethnic and other disparities in use of force and accountability mechanisms. >> the u.s. department of justice now investigating the chicago police department, its mayor, obviously rahm emanuel shifting how he talked about that investigation over the past couple of days. our good friend ron fournier with the national journal writes. this president obama needs to mail rahm immanuel a dead fish in a box hillary clinton should deliver it for the integrity of the only party that represents the majority of black voters. need to send the chicago mayor a message you are dead to us. the world is watch too and wondering whether the party that represents most blacks and big cities can clean its own house. pick up the rhetorical knife, democrats and aim it at rambo dead man. charles? >> i think what's interesting here is we are talking about these incidents happening in cities that are
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overwhelmingly and have been run by democrats for generations. and i actually heard a very prominent republican -- democratic strategist said if i were a republican candidate i would go to chicago. i would meet with black community leaders. i would discuss. this traditionally it's always thought that democrats are protecters of african-americans. here is a really dirty business. and a real opportunity for the republicans to show some kind of outreach. >> julie, this is a tough time for mayor emanuel. it? >> is. you have seen the white house walking on egg shells about this situation. the president has not talked to rahm emanuel his former chief of staff about this. the justice department gives the white house cover on it to not comment on it because there is ongoing investigation. for democrats this is a matter of consistency and to some degree credibility. if you are going to take strong stands in ferguson and in baltimore, why not chicago? >> laura. >> there have been 23
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investigations by this white house the justice department into police forces across the country. i'm sure of them were merited. but you get the sense that there is an overall desire by this administration to almost federalize local and state police. the moment black lives matter get upset about an issue, remember, they are upset about minneapolis, too. i think it's jim r. clark who was shot there. the question is if there is a critical massive of demonstrators who take over the mayor's office in any particular city, will that then compel this administration to say okay, we are going to get into the nitty gritty whether it's a pattern and practice of civil rights violations. at some point it's going to be hard to find police officers to do this job as we have seen in san bernadino we need them to do. >> if there was ever a case where there was some kind of justice in bringing in the feds, this coverup is definitely one. >> couldn't have happened to a better guy. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a special tribute to american heros. 74 years later.
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finally tonight, 74 years ago today, japanese planes attacked pearl harbor, hawaii. this afternoon, the national world world war ii memorial paid tribute to more than 2400 american service personnel killed that day. the ceremonial guest of honor was oldest living world war 2 veteran 110-year-old frank
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livingston, he enlisted in 1942 shortly after the attack on livingston's first trip to the nation's' capitol. a visit he said is a dream come true. tonight we want to thank all those who served our nation and remember the heroes who lost their lives 74 years ago today. we leave you tonight with that ceremony. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. ational anthem] ♪ >> it is tuesday december 8th. this is a fox news lart. scare in the air. a plane packed with passengers forced to make an emergency landing overnight. what we have just learned about the threats. >> donald trump facing a new
1:59 am
controversial comments. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. >> reaction pouring in from both sides overnight. we are live with the fallout. >> what do isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi and caitlyn jenner have in common? they are all up for the same title. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday. i am heather chilled erbs. >> i am lee -- leah gabrielle in for ainsley earhardt. >> a flight forced to make a landing in month yell. it was heading from san francisco to paris when the pilot asked to be diverted five
2:00 am
heuers after the dakoff. >> all 2312 passengers and 15 ew members were evacuated aftand they found no threat. and in other news, donald trump igniting another firestorm with a ban of all muslims coming to the u.s. >> kristin fisher is live this morning in washington. hi there. >> good moaning. this kind of rhetoric from the republican frontrunner has been ramping up for some time. first trump calls for surveillance on mosques and establishment of national data base for muslims in the u.s. over the weekend he supports profiling muslims. yesterday at this rally in south carolina he went all in proposing to ban all muslims who try to enter the


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